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Aeromaster Innovations was established in 1999 to use innovative aerospace technology to solve everyday problems and provide exciting new products of the highest quality.  The Spray Smart valve design draws on many years of experience in mechanical systems design, fluid dynamics and irrigation systems optimization.   The design has been optimized using the latest computerized design tools.  All manufacturing is performed in ISO 9000 quality system certified manufacturing facilities.  We are committed to providing the best value and highest level of support to our customers before, during and after the sale.

Development of the Spray Smart product line began in early 2009. Rapid development of the initial prototypes allowed us to debut Spray Smart at the Watersmart Innovations conference in Las Vegas in October 2009. We brought a demo tank that showed how Spray Smart could subdivide a simulated sprinkler zone. Every 8 seconds, simply stopping and starting the flow of water caused the active spray heads to toggle between the left end of the tank and the right end. Since we ran the valves continuously, every day during the conference, we accumulated about 30 years worth of normal operation on the demo units. Our first endurance test!

Our display booth at Watersmart Innovations 2009

The reception we received was overwhelming. The biggest names in irrigation and water conservation went absolutely crazy over the elegance of Spray Smart, the relevance, and the promise to save substantial amounts of water. Relationships were forged with the most influential people in irrigation. Those relationships, and the introductions they have enabled, have propelled us forward ever since. Additionally, our showing at WSI 2009 helped us obtain a grant from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to demonstrate the effectiveness of Spray Smart in real-world residential/commercial applications.

During early 2010, the prototype product was perfected for a short run to support our government-funded beta test. We produced around 1000 valves and began testing them in the yards of friends and neighbors in summer 2010. The full beta test followed. We solicited participants from the general public to receive free system upgrades. We upgraded 15 sites around San Diego and showed an average of 34% water savings. Each Spray Smart valve saved over 660 gallons per year in our tests. That equates to over 10,000 gallons per year for a typical upgrade zone. The participants were thrilled with Spray Smart and wanted more product to upgrade more zones. They even referred us to their friends and neighbors. Most of those valves are still in operation years later. Here is the full report for the study completed in early 2011.  MWD Final Report, Redacted

After validating that we had a substantial market opportunity (based on our consultations with industry experts), showing that the product delivered the promised water savings, and filing the necessary patents, we began pursuing options for commercialization. We found that the leading irrigation manufacturers were historically and presently unlikely to embrace disruptive technologies. And, although they are supportive of our efforts, they are not willing to invest in building the market for totally new products in lieu of focusing their marketing efforts on core products in a competitive landscape. Thus, we decided to commercialize Spray Smart ourselves. We sought out assistance in developing our business presentation and successfully graduated from the Connect Springboard program.

We provide a unique value to contractors, property owners and water providers. Contractors buy our product because they want to help their customers realize cost savings. They also benefit by increased revenue for retrofit jobs that would have otherwise not been awarded. For property owners, there is the obvious benefit of cost savings. But we’ve found they are equally motivated by fixing problems that they know waste water. Our value to major contractors has been confirmed by Josh Dake, Regional Manager for Brickman Group, the nations second largest landscape maintenance contractor.

For water providers, we provide a tool to slow demand. They recognize that conservation is cost effective because it allows them to defer extreme capital costs of capacity growth while still allowing for increased population and commerce. That’s why they supported us with the grant above.

We have been expanding our network in irrigation in anticipation of our launch. We have commitments from distributors to stock Spray Smart and help us reach our target customers, the major irrigation contractors that typically oversee many thousands of spray heads for property owners like municipalities, business parks, and HOAs. Our primary reach will be through Ewing, the nations second largest irrigation distributor. Our market research shows that reaching these customers will allow us to sell millions of units annually in pursuit of a total available market worth $1.6B in the US alone. We also have our sights set on an expanded product line. There are similar problems/opportunities in agriculture throughout the world. We have also been approached about applications for Spray Smart valve technology in the medical device field.

“Ewing is very excited about the Spray Smart Product. We are constantly looking for new innovative products taht will help in our conservation message. We are looking forward to helping you launch this product into the marketplace.” Douglas York, President, Ewing Irrigation Products Inc.

We have been actively pursuing private equity capital sources to obtain the $800K we need to fund the commercial launch. At the same time, we are looking to expand our team to add strength in sales/marketing and persons who have demonstrated success in launching product-based businesses.

The current management team consists of:

Jeff Spitzer, Founder and President
24 years aerospace technical management
13 years entrepreneurship with 3 startups
Proven leader and Manager
Multiple patents, Technical Expert

We also have a long list of Key Advisors who wish to remain anonymous because they are some of the biggest names in irrigation and have a full time job with some of the biggest names in irrigation.

Aeromaster Innovations Inc.

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