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Groundwater Levels Declining Nationwide


The US Geological Survey reports that groundwater wells are drying up at alarming rates across the US. About 20% of all groundwater pumping in the US is done in the central valley agricultural region. The central valley has seen underground water levels drop by around 60 million acre feet since tracking began in the early 1960’s. Read more here.

Aeromaster Innovations Graduates from Connect Springboard Program


Aeromaster Innovations Inc. (AII) has successfully completed the Connect Springboard startup incubator process. AII worked with a distiguished panel of industry experts to fully evaluate the market and financial considerations of launching the Spray Smart product line. The process consisted of multiple presentations to various investor and industry expert panels to obtain feedback and refine the message. The graduation consisted of successfully presenting a high quality investor pitch and answering all pertinent questions. AII was scored very highly in investor feedback for overall quality of offering and presentation. Lear more about the Connect Springboad Process here.

First Customer Purchases Spray Smart Valves


Aeromaster Innovations agreed to sell some prototype valves to a single customer this month. This particular customer had sought the Spray Smart solution because of a recognized problem on his estate in Maui. His persistence paid off. He purchased 8 valves at full retail and is thrilled to have them solving his irrigation problems.

Aeromaster Innovations Shows Massive Water Savings in Beta Test


Aeromaster Innovations has successfully completed a study funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Fifteen sites around San Diego used Spray Smart technology to upgrade irrigation zones and optimize watering for the landscape needs. All sites combined averaged over 34% water savings. The Spray Smart valves saved an average of 660 gallon PER VALVE per year. That’s enough water savings to pay for the valves within the first year! Read the full report here.

Higher Water Bills In Our Future


A grand jury investigation concluded today and upheld rising rates set by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Water rates have risen around 60% across the board recently and are expected to continue to rise at a similar rate due to high capital costs and the high costs of developing more sources for a growing population.

Drilling for Water


The San Diego Union Tribune, today, reports extensively on plans to possibly tap a huge underground aquifer to help quench San Diego’s thirst for water. Potentially, the aquifer may contain up to a million acre-feet of water. The only problem is that the water is 1500 feet below the surface. And, the effects on the land above (subsidence) are not well understood.

This is another example of plans to deplete an unsustainable source to feed our excessive demands for water.

Spray Smart In Service


Aeromaster Innovations has completed installation of the first-ever Spray Smart upgrade at a home site in San Diego. Spray Smart was used to split a zone that was spraying both grass and a planter containing roses and shrubs. Rather than simply splitting the zone, all the spray heads in the planter were capped. One spray head riser was converted to a drip cluster to feed the plants. Based on initial measurements, this customer will save about 20% on this zone. Plus, the spray heads for the planter no longer spray on the house, avoiding long term damage.

Spray Smart featured in Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine


Irrigation and Green Industry, a leading irrigation business publication, saw the Spray Smart product in action at WaterSmart Innovations.  They interviewed President, Jeff Spitzer, about Spray Smart and the potential applications.  Read the full article here.

Spray Smart Valve Debuts at WaterSmart Innovations


The Spray Smart valve technology was introduced to the irrigation industry and water conservation community at WaterSmart Innovations in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The response was overwhelming.  The experts at the conference immediately recognized the product value.   Irrigation experts were amazed by the elegance used to fix such a widespread problem.  Water providers were excited about the opportunity to save billions of gallons.

Some highlights:

We were warmly embraced by the biggest names in irrigation.  They want to help us succeed.

The chairman of the board of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California committed to helping us get a grant to demonstrate the effectiveness in real world tests.

We initiated discussions with potential partners and distributors to help bring Spray Smart to market.


Water Saving Sprinkler Valve


Aeromaster Innovations has developed a revolutionary product to address irrigation inefficiencies.  The Spray Smart valve allows any irrigation zone to be sub-divided in a matter of minutes.  This allows the property owner to apply exactly the amount of water the landscape needs without re-plumbing.

People typically set their sprinkler run times based on the “keep the dry spots green” rule – and they overwater.   Others also waste water by watering mixed landscapes (such as shrubs and grass) with the same sprinklers.  The shrubs get more water than they need if the grass stays green.  In many cases, the lack of efficiency is simply a matter of the circuit being over-loaded – leading to low pressure.

The Spray Smart Value eliminates these problems, contact us to find out more.


Mandatory Water Rationing Targets Irrigation


The San Diego Union Tribune reports, today, that mandatory water rationing will immediately go into effect due to the excessive drought conditions. The water rationing will target irrigation through restricted run days and times. It also specifically bans runoff.

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