Help Solve the Global Water Crisis

The best products and the best businesses, are those that fundamentally improve the quality of life for
the general population. And nothing is more fundamental to quality of life than water.

Water scarcity is a huge and growing problem . And, it’s not just a problem in arid climates. 36 states and regions around the globe are facing near term water shortages. In many regions, the water usage is ALREADY UNSUSTAINABLE! Rivers are drying up.Underground aquifers have been drained. There are no new environmentally friendly sources of fresh water. Desalination, the only possible option, requires huge
amounts of power and upsets the local environment. The problems are well documented, but not widely recognized. For the human race to survive with a growing population, we need to figure out how to use less water!

One way to save a lot of water would be to eliminate ornamental landscape. That’s because outdoor irrigation uses more than half of the municipal water . But, people don’t want to live without landscapes. And, we have a lot of money invested in our landscapes.  Still, outdoor irrigation is the biggest water waster.  That’s because most irrigation systems weren’t designed to be efficient.They were designed to minimize the cost of parts and labor at installation just get everything wet.

If MOST of our water is being used outside and MOST irrigation systems are applying more water than is actually required, then MOST of our water is being used inefficiently!!  This overwatering wastes an estimated 270 billion gallons annually in the US. So, there is opportunity to save a tremendous amount of water by fixing inefficiencies in our irrigation systems.

If so much water is being wasted on irrigation, why not just fix the problems? The answer is
complex. Most of the time, the cost to fix the problems is very high. Digging up the landscape to re-plumb it is very disruptive. The cost of the water saved, at today’s water prices, won’t pay for the upgrade for at least 10 years. Sometimes, it can take 20 years for the water saved to equal the cost of the upgrades. For most people, that payback is just too long and the need to save water is not that compelling. This disconnect
represents lost opportunities to save water and lost opportunities for landscape contractors to get paid to install water-saving retrofits.

Spray Smart overcomes the cost problem and fixes the waste in a matter of minutes . With Spray
Smart, there’s no need to re-plumb. Our line of low cost inline toggle valves allow any existing irrigation zone to operate as two independent sub-zones. Once we have split the zone, we can individually change the run time, spray nozzles, anything we want to apply only the water that the landscape needs. And for a little more than $80 worth of valves we save almost $80 per year in water. We even improve the landscape health because we stop overwatering. We’re already saving over 150,000 gallons per year at our beta sites where water suppliers helped connect us to customers who wanted and needed our technology to save water. Fixing the remaining problems throughout the US represents a $1.9B opportunity for us.

Alternatives to Spray Smart are all significantly less desirable. Without Spray Smart, fixing
inefficiencies requires multiple products and system changes. The most common alternative is to re-plumb
with additional zones. But Spray Smart is 1/10 the cost and doesn’t require digging. Some folks try to mix different types of heads or equipment on the existing zone. But that’s not adjustable like Spray Smart and often causes problems rather than fixing them. Manual watering with a garden hose is a solution. But, it is imprecise and has high labor costs. Spray Smart is install and forget. No water or low-water landscapes seem attractive. Although these produce the highest water savings, there’s significant upfront expense and they have not been widely adopted even though they represent a well known and proven water-saving option.

Join us! Spread the word about Spray Smart. Help us contribute our solution to the growing water scarcity crisis.

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