Save Water, Save Money

big_promo_box1The Spray Smart valve lets you save the environment and more important your home environment at the same time. When most irrigation systems were originally installed, the main goal was to minimize the amount of plumbing, valves and sprinkler heads used. That saved on the cost of both materials and labor. Water savings was not a major consideration if it was even considered at all. Times have changed. Water is becoming more scarce and more expensive. We all need to do our part to save, but we don’t want to give up our lawns. Here’s the good news:

  1. In dry regions, the average home uses at least half of their water outdoors.
  2. Most irrigation systems were designed to be cheap, not efficient.  That means we are unknowingly wasting a lot of water when we keep our lawns green.

Sometimes this waste is obvious like watering sidewalks. More often it is not so obvious, like over-watering some areas of the lawn to make sure the “dry spots” stay green or putting too much water on shrubs because they share sprinklers with the grass.

When you understand that most of our water is used outside, and our sprinkler systems are not efficient, you see that we can save a lot of water by using our sprinklers smarter!

Since every home is different, there is no way we can predict or guarantee any amount of water savings for your home. But we have done extensive research that shows you can save between 10% and 25% on your monthly water bill just by optimizing the sprinkler system you already have using Spray Smart valves. The details are outlined below:

If you have an average Southern California home, you have about 1600 square feet of lawn and you use about 185 gallons per day to water your total landscape (or about 7.5 hundred cubic feet [HCF or CCF on your water bill] per month…this is the annual average, much more water is used in the summer than the winter). About 60% of that water goes on the grass or about 111 gallons per day. The average home uses about 200% or twice as much water as necessary on the grass (compared to perfection where an equal amount of water is applied to every blade of grass). In other words, 56 gallons a day would be the ideal annual average usage for your average lawn. An optimized irrigation system using the same spray heads and Spray Smart valves only uses about 130% of the ideal water amount. That means that the average home would save 38 gallons per day (12% of the daily household total)…every day of the year. That’s actually just a few minutes of run time on your controller. For sprinklers that spray on both grass and ground cover or flower beds, the amount wasted is much greater.  The water wasted is also much greater for sprinklers that operate with insufficient pressure.  In these cases, the total outdoor savings easily amounts to 50% or about 25% of the total household water use.  

As water prices continue to rise, so will your savings. But most important, you will have reduced your total home water usage by 10%-25% in a matter of minutes and without sacrificing your lawn.  If everyone in Southern California was using Spray Smart valves that would amount to millions of gallons of water saved each day.  That would be a major benefit for the environment and there would be no water crisis or need for water rationing.

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