Why It Works

Why It Works

Spray Smart works because most irrigation systems weren’t designed to be water efficient. They were designed to minimize the cost of parts and labor at installation, just to get everything wet.

So, often, landscapes with different water needs are watered together. An obvious example is a lawn where one part gets full sun while another part gets a lot of shade and needs less water.

As property owners, we want our landscapes to look nice. So we water based on the highest demand and we keep the dry spots green. When we do, we overwater the lower demand areas creating muddy spots.

This overwatering wastes an estimated 270 billion gallons and 1.9 billion dollars of water costs annually in the US alone.

Spray Smart’s line of low cost inline toggle valves allow any existing irrigation zone to operate as two independent sub-zones.

Once we have split the zone, we can individually change the run time, spray nozzles, anything we want to apply only the water that the landscape needs.

Best of all, Spray Smart valves are easily installed in a matter of minutes. And for a little more than $80 worth of valves we save almost $80 per year in water. We even improve the landscape health because we stop overwatering.

Spray Smart gives all the benfits of re-plumbing your irrigation system without the cost, hassle, or landscape damage.

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